Food review: Standing sushi bar

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Food review: Standing Sushi Bar
Address: 8 Queen St
#01-03 Singapore Art Museum
Tel: 6333 1335
(nearest train station: Bras Basah, or 5 min walk from City Hall MRT)
Contrary to its name, the standing sushi bar is a sit-down restaurant actually and it is famous for its signature thick slices of sashimi promotion on Mon and Thurs. We arrived at 5.45pm and had to wait outside the restaurant because they only open at 6pm sharp. By then, there were already more than 10 people in the queue, evident of how popular their sashimi promotion is.
Monday night – $3 salmon sashimi, $2 sake, $5 beer, wine, hot sake, and umeshu
The sashimi slices were thick and good, not the best quality that I’ve eaten so far, but it was above average. And for the price that we are paying, it is definitely a good bargain. We also tried a shot of umeshu (Japanese plum wine), which was a little too sweet for my friend’s liking. The sake was not very nice, it had a strange taste, and it was not as smooth as the one I had in Japan.
Besides the sashimi platter, we also ordered a lobster prawn roll which looked and tasted appetitising, but this dish itself contributed to one-third of the bill. I would rather that we use this amount to spend on sashimi.
Don’t expect to sit down and chit chat after the meal because there is always a long queue forming outside and there is a one hour restriction. You may want to order rice to go with the sashimi, otherwise some people might not feel full after just eating sashimi for dinner. For me, I was satiated and there was no need to order any rice.

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