Travel isn’t about ticking off a destination or its famous attractions. It’s about expanding the world you live in and your mind, while learning about other cultures, and a world long gone, before you ever stepped foot on a ruin or walked in that ancient forest. Learning from life, I think we can learn something from everybody, so it's a pleasure to meet you to hear your stories.

I really love traveling, indulging in beautiful sceneries and experiences, as well as meeting new people along the way. I have a passion for travelling and would never stop doing so even when I'm old. Days spent in Singapore are often planning for my next trip and I hope to become a National Geographic or Lonely Planet travel journalist someday.
Read more >> I am seriously considering a career in traveling because this is my passion and I know I cannot work for long in a desk-bound job. Perhaps I am still young and naïve, but I feel that I don't want to live in the mould of working, earning money and yet not having the time to travel. Working people may have at most 2 weeks of annual leave to take a holiday but that is too short for me.
I like to share travel stories with other travellers and immerse myself in the local culture, eating at the local markets and shopping like a local to make the most out of my trip. I dislike going to touristy areas and squeezing with other tourists, all trying to buy the same souvenir or capturing that one shot on their camera. I love peace and tranquillity, exploring places off the beaten track which will usually reveal hidden surprises.