Flight review SIN-HKG

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Waiting at Changi Airport to board my plane. Aircraft type was a B777-212 

I reached my gate about 40 minutes in advance. I am always impressed with the efficiency of Changi Airport. From the terminal to immigration only took 20 minutes for me and I had time to wander around the shops.

Walking past business class and wish I could have a seat here. It is not worth to book business class tickets on SQ to Hong Kong especially when there are many budget airlines flying this route. I paid $230 return on SQ to Hong Kong which I think is worth it for a premium product. Moreover, it was after the June holidays so it was not really a peak period for flying. 

Walking down the aisle to my seat. I was one of the first few to board the plane so it was quite empty. The flight today was about 80% full. 

Flying over the Malacca straits and the iconic view of the container ships which contribute much to the economy of Singapore. 

Configuration of the plane is 3-3-3. There was ample legroom. Lunch was served about one hour after take-off.  

There was a choice between chicken rice or beef. I choose the beef with mashed potato because I did not want to have rice. The food was delicious and also they had the 70th anniversary menu. The house red wine was not too bad and I had two cups. 

When taking SQ, it is a must to have the Singapore Sling. It is the symbol of Singapore and the friendly stewardess will make a cup for you. Just hope that not many people order it, otherwise you would need to wait for a long time. I also enjoyed the magnum ice cream given as dessert. Not many airlines serve ice cream, or some would just give you the small ice cream cup. 

The entertainment system used was the old one and it was not touch screen. I managed to watch a movie during the flight, but it was a pity that the screen was so small. I had gotten accustomed to the larger entertainment screen on Qatar the Dreamliner. 

View of Hong Kong or rather Lantau island from the sky. Flight down was 3h 30 min and soon we were descending into Lap Chek Kok Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). My only pet peeve with HKIA is that the gates are far from the main terminal. We had to take a skytrain to the immigration side. 

Overall, Singapore Airlines did a great job once again , it was a enjoyable flight and the meal tasted good. I like Singapore Airlines’s 777 3-3-3 seat configuration, which provides more space for the economy class traveler. I would not pay a premium just to fly to Hong Kong, so I would only choose Singapore Airlines if they have a promotional fare.

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