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Written by Donovan October 21, 2012 Category: Asia, Singapore Comments

Not bad I completed the 10k run in less than one hour. I ran the race with nic as we signed up together to enjoy some discount. At first we ran together, but he kept overtaking people, swerving in and out, which I thought was a waste of energy. Around the 3km mark we separated and stopped following each other.

The run was very scenic as it started off at Esplanade bridge and ended at Marina Bay Sands. Along the way, we passed by F1 pit building, Singapore Flyer, Nicoll highway. I have been running too many marathons and it is good to run 10k once in a while. The finisher tee is lime green and quite nice.

After the run, I waited for nic as he was slower by about 10 minutes, then we went for breakfast at Lau pa sat.

Halloween n’a rien de drôle. Ce festival sarcastique reflète plutôt une soif de revanche des enfants sur le monde adulte.

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