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I enjoy my teaching attachment because I end work around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, then afterwards I am free to go out for tea and meet other friends for dinner. So this week is my last week of the attachment and I decided to make full use of it.

I met Pat at plaza sing and we went to Tom Ho Wan, a Michelin-starred restaurant from Hong Kong, for afternoon tea.
Here are the dishes that we tried.

The BBQ pork buns are one of the 4 heavenly king dishes. They are different from char siew pau because they ate baked and not steamed. But it is now like polo pau.
This is the inside of the char siew bun when I cut it open. It doesn’t ooze out like the liu sha pau of course.

Fried spring rolls, the interesting thing is that there is egg white inside with the usual fried popiah stuff.

steamed Malay cake, another one of the four heavenly kings. I like it because it is really fluffy and soft. I didn’t know that people in hk eat Malay cake, I thought it was only found in Singapore.
Pan-fried carrot cake, part of four heavenly kings. It tasted quite normal, maybe a little too soft for those who prefer the hard ones. I ate this with the chili and it was nice.
the chee cheong fun was one of the top 4 heavenly dishes, but if I chose to order another cheong fun with char Siew instead because we don’t take pig liver.
For dessert we had osmanthus cake which is like some herbal jelly. It was healthy and refreshing, not too bitter nor sweet.
the osmanthus cake looks like a cell right? upon closer look
In sum, the food at Tim Ho Wan was good but not really outstanding. The price was a bit pricey for dim sum, but since it is a Michelin-starred restaurant, it is worth it to pay for it. And you shouldn’t spend more than half an hour to queue for it otherwise it is pointless. Go on weekday afternoons when it is less crowded and you don’t need to wait that long.

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