so relaxed on the eve of exams

Written by Donovan April 22, 2012 Category: Asia, Singapore Comments

What am I doing on blogger when I’m supposed to study? Tomorrow is my first paper, I kept thinking that it is a morning paper until I checked myisis again and realized it is in the afternoon. So many things have been on my mind so I have decided to come here to clear my thoughts, something like the pensive in harry potter. Though mins gave me a blue diary to pen down my thoughts, I still prefer to type it down.
Our 4 months together have went along very well, we enjoy each other’s company and support. Last week Monday to Friday I had a staycation at utown, we got really close, motivating each other to study and keeping each other awake when we feel sleepy. It was a super conducive place to study, the room was windy on the nineteenth floor, I preferred to study in the lounge or the room where I can spread my notes (and legs) out, while she prefers it downstairs, either at pc commons or outside starbucks. I guess we have different study styles, but it does not matter. We will meet for lunch and dinner breaks before retiring for the night.
This week I will be having 4 papers, namely on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. For my first paper tomorrow, I am pretty much done with revision. I worry for the second one which is on Wednesday, I put in a lot of practice but still not confident in it. I’m totally not an IT person, but this is my core module so I need to take it. Hate it, IT is such an alien language to me. My codes don’t work most of the time, so what if it is an open book exam, I can only hope for the best. The lecturer is too smart, always coming up with new problems or asking us to code for some pre-defined function which we have never seen before. This makes the course challenging.
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