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so all good things must come to an end, tonight was the last day of our orientation and I will definitely miss my og mates. They have been a fun bunch of people and we will still see each other around in hall. From being complete strangers separated by different nationalities, age and different jc backgrounds, we became very much bonded as the days went past through games and late night gatherings. Usually a handful of people will become missing in action after a few days, but I was quite surprised that our og stayed strong and our attendance remained at least 75% throughout the camp.
In the morning, we had the freshmen inauguration ceremony (FIC) held at university cultural centre (UCC) where the professors of each faculty and students from the student union officially welcomed us to nus. We were treated to a spectacle of cultural arts performance put up by the choir, wushu, dance, wind symphony groups of nus. They were very talented and offered a sneak preview of the types of activities that they train and compete for. I received a nice, black laptop sleeve for attending the ceremony. It shall come useful for carrying my laptop around school if I do not need the power adaptor.
In the afternoon, we were given time to bid for our round 2A modules and rehearse for the skit. At night, there were mattresses set up in the comm hall and everyone sat on the mattresses provided to view the skit put up by the different ogs. I felt that our skit may not be the best, but we enjoyed ourselves during the process of scriptwriting, costume and props designing, and most of all, forging new friendships. Everyone worked so hard to put up such a wonderful performance and it is indeed heartening. During the night, we also bid for food items using the points that we have accumulated over the past few days. An og spent a huge amount of points and received a cabbage in the end. It was really hilarious as we were only given clues as to what the item was and we did not know the exact item. For our og, we bidded and won 2 boxes of durian puffs which was a good deal. We ended off the night by doing the mass dance for the last time. Most of us had forgotten the steps, so we had fun shuffling around.

Laisse parler ton coeur, interroge les visages, n’écoute pas les langues…

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