Sri Lanka in photos

Written by Donovan January 13, 2013 Category: Asia, Sri Lanka Comments
And so I’m back from Sri Lanka after 3 weeks. I shall let the pictures do the talking. We didn’t get to visit many of the tourist sites in the country because we were engaging in volunteer tourism. Our own aim was to go there to teach at a local school, and not to travel around. Anyway, with so many restrictions from the team leaders, exploring a little outside our guesthouse also caused us to get scolded. wth

the church that was destroyed during the 2004 tsunami
the beach with the huge waves crashing on the shore
my favourite jumpshot
sunset at independence square
intricate carvings on the pillar
the train zooming along the coast under the clear skies in Colombo
sunset at Pasi Kuda beach
entrance to the school
fishing boat
local pastries and cakes
cannon at the Dutch fort in Batticaloa
view of the ocean from the fort
Tomber est permis ; se relever est ordonné.

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