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Synopsis : Megamind est le superméchant le plus génial de toute l’histoire de l’humanité.
Et le pire loser aussi…
Depuis des années, il essaie par tous les moyens de conquérir Metro City. En vain : chacune de ses tentatives est mise en échec par l’invincible Metro Man, et tourne à la farce. Jusqu’au jour où Megamind tue Metro Man !
Mais un superméchant a besoin d’un superhéros pour se sentir exister et avoir un but dans la vie. Megamind a donc l’idée de se fabriquer un nouvel adversaire : Titan, encore plus grand, plus fort et plus héroïque que le précédent.
Problème : Titan découvre vite que c’est bien plus drôle d’être un méchant que de protéger les hommes. Et encore plus amusant de détruire le monde que de le diriger…
Pris au piège, Megamind réussira-t-il à vaincre sa diabolique création ? À devenir le héros inattendu de sa propre histoire ?

Happy Deepavali! I love long weekends.

I went to watch Megamind with Marcus, Ivan and Mervin. It was very crowded at the box office since it was a public holiday, so all the non-indians seized the opportunity to watch a movie. I queued up for half an hour just to buy the tickets and guess what? there were only front two row seats left, so we had no choice but to buy them because most of the timings for megamind were filling fast. Marcus couldn’t join us for lunch as he had some lunch outing with his family. So we three went to taka for lunch, we wanted to eat at the food court but it was very packed, many people were standing around waiting for seats. I hate it when people crowd around my table in a food court or hawker centre waiting for my seat, so I will purposely eat slowly and enjoy the food first. Moreover, it’s not like we didn’t wait long to get our seat. Since we did not want to wait around, we decided to find some reasonable-priced restaurant. Ivan suggested crystal jade la mian kitchen which he had dined at with his orientation mates. He raved about the xiao long baos. Then we had some trouble finding the restaurant. I just realised that there were many restaurants under the crystal jade name in ngee ann city! There was korean ginseng chicken, crystal jade bakery, eight treasures restaurant… It was so confusing. We finally found the restaurant in an isolated corner of level 5 of the shopping centre. They gave us a queue number and told us to wait for half an hour. The difference in the queue number being flashed on the screen and our queue number was more than a hundred (> hundred people waiting in the queue?) we were quite sceptical and hungry.

Luckily the half an hour estimation time proved to be correct and we were finally served. We ate handmade ramen noodles and xiao long baos (buns with pork and soup inside). There was a special technique in eating the xiao long bao, one must first bite a small hole in the pao skin, then slowly slurp up the soup before eating the whole bun. I recalled an unfortunate incident last year when I scalded my tongue while eating xiao long bao because I put the whole thing in my mouth! Now I’ve learnt my mistake and slowly savoured this petite bun with such intense flavour.

ok enough about food. After lunch, we still had some time before the movie so we walked around taka, the clothing here is too ex and branded for our taste. We met marcus at orchard cineleisure. He was late so we went in first. The movie is very suitable for kids, that’s why so many kids were in the cinema with their parents. It is also a humorous and entertaining show for adults. Although it may be cartoonish, but it is actually a parody of people whom we meet in our daily lives. There are heroes, villains and the unsung heroes who just want to contribute to society in one form or another. I found the concept for this movie to be strikingly similar to that of “despicable me”, for example they reused the ‘minion’ and one bad guy being worse than the antagonist. Overall I think the movie is worth watching as it gives us a good laugh and we learn that people can turn over a new leaf, from evil to good. (:

*ps. the bad guys DO get the good girls in the end.

Si la Chine ouvre ses portes, des mouches entreront forcément.

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