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Why’ll go to Antarctica? Why is Antarctica a great place to visit? Because if you are looking for a holiday, voyage or adventure with a difference you cannot go past Antarctica. Why visit a cold extreme place like Antarctica? It really is the last mostly unexplored frontier on earth. Everything about Antarctica is unspoiled, it is pristine and has some of the most awesome scenery and wildlife on this planet.

As a tourist you will see a part of the world that  is at best difficult to get to. The wildlife is diverse and largely unique to the locale. Antarctica is a photographers paradise – the icebergs, the penguins, the whales, the numerous birds, the seals, in general the wildlife, the spectacular sunsets.

I think now is my prime time to rough it out plus I’ve much free time, so I decided to seize the opportunity to travel all the way down south. I was quite surprised that some of my friends didn’t know Antarctica was in the south, not the north pole, so I guess it’s a good opportunity to educate them.

With all the recent talks on global warming and climate change, I think it is important to reduce our carbon emissions. However, world leaders fly halfway across the world in their private jets to attend a summit that probably is not gonna be ineffective, so if I fly economy class all the way to Argentina and contribute to their local tourism, I think the benefits outweigh the carbon emissions that I’ve emitted during my trip. Ultimately,  the main reason that I visit Antarctica is to fulfill my  wanderlust, to explore the unknown and to come back home with more knowledge of the world. Plus, bragging rights of visiting all seven continents in the world.

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