How to apply for a Russian visa in Singapore

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Consular Section of the Russian Embassy
Address: 53 Nassim Road

The Russian Embassy in Singapore is located in between Orchard and Botanic Gardens MRT station. When I went to submit my visa application, I chose to walk from Orchard MRT and it took me 25 minutes because I had to walk from number 1 to number 51 of Nassim Road, which allowed me to admire the beautiful houses in the process. I think Nassim Road is an area for the rich because it is in a central location, with several landed properties and other embassies including the Philippines, Japan, Saudi Arabia etc. The Russian Embassy is for passport matters related to their own citizens, whereas if you were to apply for a visa as a foreign visitor, you should enter from the gate to the consular section which is another 100m down the road.

Visa submission and collection time:

10:00 to 12:00, Monday to Friday (closed on Saturday-Sunday and Russian Public holidays)

Here are the steps to be taken to apply for a Russian tourist visa. Again, as part of my graduation trip, I would need to apply for a Russian visa because Singapore passport holders do not get to enjoy visa-free access or visa-on-arrival. It is important to apply it in your home country because I have read of many cases where people applied in other countries and encountered many problems. As I needed my passport to travel to the Philippines next week, I had to choose the express option (2 days) which cost me $140, double the normal price. The normal processing time is one week and it costs $70. The prices of visa vary by nationality, so if you are an EU (European citizen), you pay only $56 (normal) or $112 (urgent). Make sure that you have a NETS card as this is the only form of payment that they accept. They do not accept cash nor credit cards.

Interior of the Russian embassy with Russian news on TV

STEP 1. To apply for a visa you must have a visa support letter:

a) for Tourist visa – you must submit a Tourist Confirmation (original or a scanned copy) issued by a Russian travel agency or a Hotel which has a license to invite foreign tourists.

Please ask the hotel of your choice (or a travel company of your choice) if they can prepare and send you the Tourist Confirmation.

*Note: If you visit Russia as a registered Cruise Vessel passenger you do not need a visa for 72 hours (provided you a spend nights onboard and follow the group tours).

Since I was traveling independently, I got my letter of invitation from a Russian tour agency based in London. You can use  some other online agencies that specialise in the tourist letter of invitation and they will immediately email you the letter on the same day. They just require the names of the cities that you are visiting, but no booking of hotels or air tickets are needed. After this, you just need to print out the letter of invitation and submit it to the embassy when applying for your visa.
Real Russia (23 USD)
Way To Russia (30 USD)
Russian Consulate info (25 USD)


Once you have you visa support letter please fill in Electronic Visa Application Form at , print it out and sign personally.

You will have to submit this form to our office manually in person or via proxy.


– Check if you have at least two empty pages in your passport.

– Check if your passport expires not earlier than in six month after your trip to Russia.

– Travel Medical insurance is not mandatory but highly advisable. (they did not check my travel insurance, but it is compulsory for EU citizens though)

Two days later, my passport was ready for collection. This time, I came from Botanic Gardens MRT station and it took me 15 minutes. Walk to Evans Road, near the MOE Co-curricular Activities Branch and then turn left to Nassim Road. The collection process was easy, I took a queue number and showed my receipt to the lady, who then handed my passport to me. Coincidentally, I met my German friend at the embassy as she was applying for a Russian visa as well. She did not have a NETS card, so I helped her to make payment first, otherwise it would have been a wasted trip for her.

Russian visa obtained without hassle!

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