Hong Kong day 5

Written by Donovan December 31, 2009 Category: Asia, Hong Kong Comments
The last day of our shopping and eating trip to hong kong and it is also the last day of the year 2009. I will definitely miss hong kong, the bustling city, the food, the shopping, the weather and the crowds. So we went to do some last minute shopping today, Weijie wanted to buy a fendi belt from the ISA boutique and he got it. ISA is a boutique which sells many branded luxury goods and the discounts it gives are good, some up to 50% off, so for those of you who like brands such as prada, versace, armani, gucci, prada, fendi, this is the place to go and grab those good buys. We went to the China Hong Kong city outlet to get his belt and he seemed satisfied. We then walked around, trying to look for a cafe for brunch when we finally found one.
In the afternoon, I brought them to the star academy where Caven was so excited on seeing his famous actor Andy Lau who shares the same chinese name as him. There were also many other names of famous Asian stars, some of whom put their handprints on the tiles. The academy walk was very breezy and was next to the sea, offering a good view of the harbour and the tall skyscrapers on Hong Kong island. We went to Sogo department store to do some shopping because I wanted to buy a pair of birkenstock sandals, but those on offer either did not have the size she wanted or the designs and colour were not that suitable. Next, we went to H&M where I did last minute shopping and brought some clothes for her. Some were fashionable and the prices were reasonable, so I seized the opportunity to use up my cash.

We had to be back at the hotel by 445pm because the tour bus would take us to the airport. We went to pick up other tourists staying in other hotels in hong kong before making our way to the airport. At the airport, we checked in and were disappointed that we could not sit together because we were not under the same family. I got the window seat that I wished for and I had to sit next to an old man. The flight was very full, with many families and tour groups on their way back to singapore. We had an early dinner at the airport, at a taiwan beef noodle restaurant and the food was very expensive since we were inside the airport and there was nothing else to eat. Anyway the dinner served on board the plane would be quite late, so we had to eat something to fill our stomach first.
Si nous sommes dans la joie, gardons-nous de porter nos pensées au-delà du présent.

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