First impressions of Myanmar

Written by Donovan January 15, 2015 Category: Myanmar Tags: , Comments
The plane was quite empty, so I changed from my allocated seat along the aisle to an empty row behind with my favourite window seat. I was not tired despite sleeping for only four hours the previous night. As the plane was landing, I peered out of the window and saw many flood ricefields and the brownish Yangon river. As I stepped out of the airport, I noticed the local men clad in like a sarong, a piece of cloth wrapped around the waist. This reminded me much of the people in India. I guess since Myanmar borders India, thus their cultures and dressing would have some similarities. So now I’m waiting for wj plane to land which is about one and a half hours more. We will be taking the night bus from Yangon to Inle because I heard that there is nothing much to see in Yangon except for the famous Swedagon pagoda.
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