first day of uni

Written by Donovan August 11, 2011 Category: Asia, Singapore Comments

After 7 months of work and play after I came out from the army, it was proper time to start school and hit the books. It has been almost 3 years since I last studied, so I am quite worried on how to cope with uni life. First of all, I am staying in hall which requires commitments, secondly I have a gpa to meet and also I have a part time job teaching tuition. However, I should be more optimistic and as long as I am able to prioritise my time wisely, I can cope.

So for my first day of school, my lecture starts at 12pm. I thought that the LT was at arts, so I left my hall 15 minutes beforehand. To my utmost horror, I found out that the LT was at engineering because many engineers also take sociology and this is the second lecture slot, so I had to wait for the shuttle bus to take me to engin fac. The first one that came along was packed and we could not board. Luckily the second one came within a few minutes. When I reached engin, I was lost because the faculty is so big. I had difficulty finding LT7A, first cutting through the technoedge canteen which was packed during lunchtime. Even the deck at arts fac is not that crowded during lunchtime, there is some space for people to walk unlike at engin. I climbed up many flights of stairs while following the signs. I was at the 6th level when the map showed that the LT is on the first floor. I finally arrived at the lecture 15 minutes late, and it was packed. There were no available seats so I sat on the floor at the back of the LT.

Many people were late as well, I was not the latest. Some people were not supposed to attend this lecture as they were the wed timeslot, but they wanted to sit in and listen, thus taking up the seats of the actual students of this timeslot like me. The lecture was quite boring and only gave us an insight to what is sociology about, the common misconceptions and the assessment format. After the lecture, I caught the shuttle bus to science for my calculus lecture. The math lecturer was really humurous as he introduced two famous people who invented calculus and he combined their two quotes together to form his own take home message. Lesson ended at 330pm and that was the end of my first day.

Si l’on devait nommer les pays d’après les mots qu’on y entend d’abord, l’Angleterre s’appellerait “damn it”.

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