End of Scamp

Written by Donovan June 24, 2011 Category: Asia, Singapore Comments

After 5D4N of fun, it was time to say goodbye to my campmates of Moltres. The past five days was totally fun and happening with my OG mates. From being total strangers on the first day, we have really broke the ice and just made ourselves comfortable over the past 5 days. Our team spirit is strong and we helped each other during the exciting games and clubbing night.

Talking about clubbing, we went to club Avatar which is at Mandarin Oriental hotel last night. At first, I was skeptical about the venue because I heard that it was a Thai disco. My OG partied the night away. Mac and Gwen are hardcore clubbers, we three downed shots and 2 jugs of vodka mixers to be high, then we just had our own fun in the mini mosh pit. I love places where you can dance on stage and need not worry about squeezing with other people. Soon it got crowded as we invited the rest of our OG mates, then everyone took turns to be in the centre of the circle to lead the dance moves while the rest followed. We left the club around 1am because jan was feeling too high for her own good. When we went back to school, jan was like slurring and I played along with her by talking nonsense with her haha. It was really humorous because we have never seen Jan like that. Of course we took good care of her, like making sure that she is well hydrated and she removed her make up before sleeping.

Today, we did our final mass dance, watched the videos that our OGLs prepared and had a debrief before we broke camp. My OG then went to Vivo Carl’s Junior for lunch. We did not hang out for long because we were lugging our huge bags of camp stuff and we were all too tired. Last night we only had a few hours of sleep and some people could not sleep well due to the snoring of others. Hope to see my OG for OG outing real soon!

Il faut toujours que de la tête au coeur, l’itinéraire soit direct.

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