Apple ditches “free” iPod touch for its 2011 Back to School promo

Written by Donovan June 18, 2011 Category: Asia, Singapore Comments


As usual, the promo lasts from now (June 16) through September 20. Students who purchase a “qualifying Mac” (this usually means one that you can get with educational pricing, and no refurbs) can then automatically get the gift card along with it. In the past, students have had to purchase both the Mac and the iPod touch (or an iPod nano, if the touch isn’t agreeable), then apply for a rebate for the cost of the iPod.

The rebates for those iPods in years past have been up to $299, so this year’s promo is likely to be quite a disappointment by comparison. Not only are students getting something of a lower monetary value than before, it must also be used to buy content and not physical stuff. You mean I have to buy software or e-books with my gift card? Bo-ring!>>
Anyway I have decided not to get a macbook already. Despite its sleek design and less prone to virus attacks, I still think that the specs are not that good and there are many hidden costs after buying the mac. A lot of programs are also not compatible with the mac. I can always go to my friend’s house to use her mac if I want to (:

By the way i got into KE7 which is like my third choice, I want to get into TH! I’m trying to appeal to TH but the president told me that it is quite hard unless I find someone who got into TH but wants to stay in KE7. I need to find someone to do a one to one exchange. This is quite hard especially since KE7 is not that popular, I think more people want to stay in TH. So for now me and sebas can’t stay in the same hall, and we both got single rooms which is gona cost more. haizzz

Naître, c’est précipiter les choses.

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