Food review: O’ma Spoon

Written by Donovan September 21, 2015 Category: Asia, Food&Drinks, Singapore Tags: Comments
O’ma Spoon
Cuisine: Korean desserts
Address: 313 Orchard Road
#04-20/32 313@Somerset
Singapore 238895
nearest MRT: Somerset

With the current bingsu craze in town, I had to try the Korean bingsu in Singapore to see if it matches to the original one in Korea. Of course, due to the import of the concept, this dessert sold in Singapore is definitely much more expensive than the one in Korea.

We did not wait too long for seats at O’ma Spoon and the staff were efficient in clearing tables. The three of us decided to share a mango cheesecake bingsu ($18.90) which was their signature creation. The price was kind of steep because for this price, we could easily get a main course at a restaurant. Moreover, this was just a dessert cafe, not at some fanciful restaurant.

We waited about 5 minutes before our buzzer rang for us to collect our dessert. It looks aesthetically pleasing and the amount of toppings was generous. There was a shotglass of condensed milk to pour over the shaved ice, but we only used half of it as we did not want the bingsu to be too sweet. The mango serving was generous, though the mango was not the sweetest one that I have tasted and some parts were quite fibrous. The cheesecake and the single scoop of ice cream paired well as they added a creamy taste to the bingsu. The shaved ice was very good, very finely shaven, better than our local ice kacang or the Taiwanese shaved ice dessert. We could not taste the ice particles at all and they literally melt in your mouth. The almond flakes added some crunch with every bite.

The verdict? As their tagline goes, “one spoon, take you to heaven”. The dessert was delicious and heavenly as it included all the best items one could think of, such as the combination of ice cream, mango and cheesecake. However, the price was too much for a dessert. I think I would enjoy my bingsu in Korea instead and stick to my normal ice kacang when in Singapore.

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