Food review: Nunsongyee 눈송이

Written by Donovan November 26, 2015 Category: Asia, Food&Drinks, Korea, Singapore Tags: , , , , Comments
Cuisine: Korean desserts
Address: 534 North Bridge Road Singapore 188749
Nearest MRT: Bugis
Open: 24 hours daily

The bingsu craze has really caught on Singapore and now bingsu cafes are sprouting all over my tiny island. These Korean desserts may not be cheap, but still many people love to indulge in them, probably because they taste good and are photogenic too? It is better to share it with your friend(s) as one bowl might be too much for some.

This time, me and my friends went to Nunsongyee cafe at Bugis. The name means “snowflake” in Korean. Surprisingly, there is a ‘snow’ section inside the cafe with snow ice falling out of the ceiling. It is a nice place to experience snow for those who have not seen real snow before.

The cafe is three storeys high and took over Ritz apple strudel. It is open 24/7 and on a Tuesday evening that we visited, the cafe was full. Even the staff employed are Korean to give it the authentic feel.

We had Injeolmi Bingu ($14.90) and Cheesecake Bingsu ($14.90). Injeolmi is a type of Korean rice cake coated with bean flour. We were given a buzzer and supposed to go down to the ground floor to collect when the bingsu is ready.

According to my friend, the bingsu here is not as rich in flavour as compared to other places. There is a self-service kiosk with milk in a container for you to add more milk to the dessert. I personally preferred the cheesecake one because I am a fan of cheesecake and there were also sprinklings of Speculoos which made it even tastier. As for the Injeolmi one, the chewy balls did not really enhance the taste of the milk ice dessert.

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