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Written by Donovan December 23, 2014 Category: Asia, Food&Drinks, Singapore Comments
Itacho restaurant at Tampines Mall #04-32
Cuisine: Japanese

Last night was my first time at Itacho, I’ve seen several of its outlets around Singapore, but there are always long queues so I usually skip it to dine elsewhere. Nevertheless, in order to satisfy a friend’s craving for sushi, we decided to head to Itacho for dinner. Surprisingly, the queue was not that long when we reached around 730pm.

There were many promotional items on the menu from as little as $0.60 but unfortunately, they were sold out. So we had normal priced sushi and a few main courses of saba fish (which they call it saury fish) – fish in cheesy corn sauce, grilled saba in teriyaki, saba fish slices with rice. I suggest going to Itacho for lunch if you want to order the promotional items.

We also had tiger prawn roll, salmon sushi with cheese/caviar sauce/plain and tuna rolls. Overall, I find the service at this outlet to be good, they refilled our tea frequently. The prices for the sushi were quite reasonable and the salmon is fresh. You could see it is seared gently and the middle is raw, which gives it a good texture of not too raw nor overcooked. The caviar was kind of a scam because it was orangey, tasted more of mayonaise than caviar which is supposed to be black.

saba with white cheese, chinese yam and corn
grilled saba fish with rice
tiger prawn roll
half-cooked salmon sushi

After dinner, we exchanged christmas presents (for those who had bought) and shopped around in the super crowded atrium as everyone rushed to buy their last minute gifts. We then went to van’s house to play with her cute dogs while eating dessert from blackball.

cute yuki

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