Din Tai Fung review

Written by Donovan December 28, 2014 Category: Asia, Food&Drinks, Singapore Comments
Name: Din Tai Fung
Address: Tampines Mall 4 Tampines Central 5, #02-01, 529510
Cuisine: Chinese

Apparently, Din Tai Fung is a Michelin star restaurant and  is ranked as one of the world’s Top 10 Best Restaurants by The New York Times. It is well known for its xiao long bao, which is mini pork dumplings with some soup inside. It takes skills to make the xiao long bao, to ensure that the skin is not too thick and when you pick it up with your chopsticks, it does not break easily, spilling the soup everywhere. There is also a technique to eating it, you can dip it in vinegar sauce, make a small bite on the dumpling skin, suck the soup out, then slowly savour the pork dumpling. If you put the whole thing in your mouth, you risk scalding your tongue or if you take a big bite, the soup might drip all over the plate. Actually, the soup is made from rich stock which gives the dumpling its flavour.

So I met my friend for lunch and talked about life. I had pork cutlet fried rice while he had shrimp fried rice; we both shared a small basket of 6 pieces xiao long bao. Recently, Din Tai Fung came out with new flavours and they always like to promote to their customers, such as black truffle, foie gras, chilli crab etc. But I always prefer to stick to the original ones. The fried rice was tasty and the serving of porl cutlet was huge, more than enough to go with the fragrant fried rice.

original xiao long bao
pork chop fried rice

My friend and I are both in my final year of university, but our lives are so different. He chose to do a one year internship while I decided to do my thesis and modules to complete my fourth year. He has gained much work experience, but he also misses the school life. He told me that work is tiring and he was hoping to use this internship as a springboard to land him into his future career. However, all is not easy and he has to compete with the other interns. I guess in the business and finance world, it is pretty competitive and although all the money is in this industry, you need to work hard, long hours in order to attain your goals. Whereas for me, my future job is kind of secured, so I can relax and socialise more. I am also working part-time which is totally not related to my future carerr, but I like the new experiences that it teaches me and it also puts my language skills to good use. Hopefully I can make use of this internship to diversify my plans next time. We were also lamenting how next year would be a quarter mark of our lives and how little we have achieved. I think I’m more optimistic than him and said that we have seen quite a bit of the world, gained work experience from different companies. What lies ahead is in our hands. Deep talk indeed. Thus this marks the last weekend of 2014. How time flies.

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