Red Hot Chile

February 18, 2018

Santiago, the capital of Chile, is gaining a reputation as one of South America’s coolest cities with creative districts, hip boutique hotels and a vibrant food scene. It is a wonderful city for strolling, and each neighborhood has its unique flavor and tone. Head out during the day to take in the museums, grand architecture …
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10 lessons learnt while trekking Torres del Pain(e)ful

January 4, 2016

1) trekking alone can be depressing at times 2) what goes up must come down (I was moaning at the steep ascents and was delighted at the downhills) 3) carrying my  heavy backpack and hiking is not my style (I’m used to doing day trips with a small bag) 4) reserve your refugios or camping …
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27h in Santiago de Chile

June 27, 2013

early morning flight to Santiago   My last country that I visited in South America is Chile. I flew to Santiago from Cuzco via Lima. I wanted to catch the last bus before midnight to the city centre of Santiago, but due to unforeseen circumstances, my plane was stuck on the tarmac for about half …
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