What to do in Khovd, western Mongolia

May 16, 2015

Khovd may be a small city, but it is the largest of five aimags, making it the provincial capital. It is a tranquil town surrounded by nature, with mountains looming in the distance. Actually the whole of Mongolia is full of nature that is within easy reach from the cities. For some cultural capital, visit …
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Longest bus ride ever

May 15, 2015

After four days in UB, it was time to get out of the city and head to the countryside. Khovd was our next destination, located in western Mongolia and 36h away by bus. We bought our bus tickets the day before at the newly renovated Dragon bus centre. You can take bus 26 or 27 …
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Land of Horses

May 11, 2015

Mongolia has been awesome so far. Staying in a ger with a Mongolian family is the best thing ever. They have four children, but the eldest son is studying in the countryside, so only the three girls stay at home with their parents; they go to school during the day and come back in the …
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How to get from Beijing to Ulanbaatar the cheap way

May 8, 2015

From Beijing stadium (subway station exit C) take bus 407 alight at Jian xiang qiao dong (健翔桥东) bus stop then change to bus 658 to Xi jia huo zi (郗家豁子) which is opposite Bei jiao ( 北郊) bus station. The ticket from Beijing to Erlian cost 200Y, and the guy told us he usually charges …
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