2017 in Travel Review

Written by Donovan January 1, 2018 Category: Asia, Europe, North America Comments

Once again, 2017 has been a good year for travels.

Here is a recap of the places that I have visited.

Jan: new year countdown in Thailand (Phuket)

March: Indonesia (Bali)


April: Thailand (Bangkok) and Philippines (Pampanga)

June: South Korea, Mexico, Cuba


July: Hong Kong

Sept: Pakistan

Attabad Lake

Oct: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Nov: Philippines (Boracay)

Dec: Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan


I am really lucky to have been able to travel so far and wide, making good use of the school holidays and long weekends. I added 7 new countries to the list.

However, 2018 brings new commitments and responsibilities so maybe I may not be able to travel as crazily as before, but I will still try to see as much of the world as possible while I’m young. Perhaps someone will join me on my trips and I don’t have to travel solo all the time. It’s nice to travel alone without any worry in the world but I also have to be extra careful about my surroundings. Traveling with a partner can be fun also as there’s someone to share the joys and take photos for you.

Every year you have the chance to start with a clean slate. You can hit the reset button and do things differently. It doesn’t matter if you had a good or bad 2017.

Celebrate. Cry. Complain. But never forget that life moves forward. I will dedicate more time next year to those dear to my heart and cut down that wanderlust a little, just a little. I won’t walk away from my responsibilities.

Live every moment. Love beyond words. Laugh everyday. 🌟


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